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TCS result 13 April 2023

TCS result was declare on 13 April 2023 which was degradable as compare to the previous one and Q4 which was like

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) services and consulting company. They release quarterly financial results, which can be found on their website under “Investor Relations”

Recent news articles report on TCS’s Q4 results, which showed a 17% YoY increase in revenue from operations

Other articles report on TCS’s Q3 results, which showed an 11% increase in net profit and a 19% increase in revenue

According to the search results, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) reported its financial results for the quarter ending in April 2023

Is TCS result was bad April 2023?

While TCS reported resilient demand and a strong order book.

its quarterly profit missed analysts’ estimates due to cautious clients curbing technology spending

However, it is not possible to conclude whether TCS’s April 2023 results were “bad” or not, as this is subjective and depends on various factors such as expectations, market conditions, and individual perspectives.

Data previous vs recent

Date 10/01/2023 result

Earnings & revenue

Standardized 29.642                           Revenue

Reported       29.64                             Reported      578.62B

Estimate        30.108                           Estimate       573.32B

Surprise         -0.468(1.55%)              Surprise        5.294B

Date 13/04/2023

Earnings & revenue

Standardized 31.14                             Revenue

Reported        31.14                             Reported   591.62B

Estimate         31.06                             Estimate    590.07B

Surprise          0.08 (0.26)                    surprise      1.548B

Tcs results quarter wise

QaterQ223 Oct 2023Q323 Jan 2023Q423 April 2023
profit10,465cr10,846cr 15,792cr
Profit in %8%11%15%

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