You are currently viewing “PM Modi’s US Visit: American Lawmakers Welcome and Strengthen Bilateral Relations”
PM Modi's US Visit

“PM Modi’s US Visit: American Lawmakers Welcome and Strengthen Bilateral Relations”

For PM Modi’s US Visit the American lawmakers Welcome the PM of India to Strengthen Bilateral Relations. PM of India will travel 21 June to 24 June.

Welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi: American Lawmakers Express Excitement for His Official State Visit

Top American lawmakers have expressed their warm welcome to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he prepares for his Official State Visit to the United States next week. They have conveyed their excitement through a series of video messages, eagerly anticipating his address to the Joint Meeting of the Congress.

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Strengthening Bilateral Ties: PM Modi’s Visit to the US

Prime Minister Modi has accepted the gracious invitation from President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to embark on a visit to the United States from June 21 to June 24.The US President and First Lady will graciously host Modi at a state dinner on June 22, emphasizing the significance of this visit. Furthermore, on June 22, Prime Minister Modi will deliver an address to the Joint Session of the Congress, highlighting the shared values and goals of the two nations.

Engaging with the Indian Diaspora: A Gathering of Leaders

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In Washington, D.C., on June 23, Prime Minister Modi will have the honor of addressing a gathering of diaspora leaders from all corners of the United States. This invitation-only event will take place at the distinguished Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. The Prime Minister’s interaction with these esteemed leaders signifies the importance of the Indian diaspora and their contributions to the bilateral relationship.

“Prime Minister Modi’s Official State Visit to the US: American Lawmakers Welcome and Strengthen US-India Relations”

PM Modi’s US Visit

A Historic Moment: Strengthening US-India Relations

PM Modi's US Visit

The upcoming visit of Prime Minister Modi marks a historic moment in the relationship between the United States and India. Recognizing its significance, Senator Robert Menendez, Chairman of the influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee, extended a warm welcome on behalf of the vibrant Indian American community in his home State, Washington, D.C.

Senator Robert Menendez’s Message

Senator Menendez, who proudly represents the State of New Jersey in the US Senate, acknowledged the importance of Prime Minister Modi’s state visit in strengthening the US-India relationship. He expressed his hope that Modi will have the opportunity to fully experience the richness of the United States during his visit. Senator Menendez further emphasized the multifaceted nature of the bilateral ties, encompassing trade, economics, security cooperation, and people-to-people connections.

The relationship between India and the United States holds immense significance, encompassing crucial aspects such as trade, economic engagement, security cooperation, and robust interpersonal connections. We have made significant progress in recent years, and I remain optimistic for an even brighter future,” said Senator Menendez.

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A Promising Future: Strengthening US-India Partnership

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares for his Official State Visit to the United States, top American lawmakers express their excitement and warm welcome. This visit not only signifies a historic moment in the bilateral relationship but also presents an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between the two nations. The forthcoming interactions between Prime Minister Modi and US leaders highlight the shared values and goals that underpin the enduring bond between the United States and India.

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