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Asian paints results April 2023

Is anyone looking for Asian paints Q4 results date and data than this article for them.

Leading paint and d├ęcor firm Asian Paints Limited offers painting and waterproofing solutions. The company’s product line includes waterproofing solutions in addition to industrial and ornamental paints.

Asian Paints serves customers in more than 60 countries through its operations in 15 nations and 26 global paint manufacturing plants.

The business makes and sells paints and coatings under the Paints and Home Improvement divisions.

Asian Paints is the third-largest paint manufacturer in Asia and the top paint firm in India, producing a variety of decorative and industrial paints.

With a combined turnover of 291 billion, the company is rated second in Asia and seventh among the top coating companies worldwide.


Data previous vs expectation

Date 19/01/2023 result

Earnings & revenue

Standardized 11.183                          Revenue

Reported       11.119                       Reported       86.367B

Estimate        11.413                       Estimate        93.159B

Surprise         -0.223(1.95)             Surprise         -6.792B

Date 4/05/2023

Earnings & revenue


Estimate          11.98                             Estimate    87.639B

In the past, Asian Paints Limited has reported its quarterly and yearly financial results. According to the search results, the business’s profit increased 32% from the prior year to Rs 2,180.15 crore to Rs 2,872.31 crore for the nine months that concluded on December 31, 2022.

However, there is no information accessible regarding the company’s precise prior performance. Asian Paints’ financial summary reveals that its total revenue was Rs. 43,072.90 crore and its total expenses were Rs. 34,652.90 crore.

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